Wednesday, 27 February 2013

road adventures

last saturday, i moved out of the city and to the countryside. work, unfortunately, did not move which means that i joined the ranks of the commuters. if you read the last post, you have seen what my new place looks like in the sunshine. however, since saturday, it has been storming and raining (water, slush, or very wet snow, depending on altitude) with record levels of precipitation. views were mostly grey, grey, and very very wet. timing could not have been better.

and so, on my first three days of commuting, i have
- driven in some of the worst road conditions i have had to drive in so far,
- found out where on the road over the pass the big big big puddles form,
- seen reindeer pretty much every day, preferably when driving back at night in the dark,
- found out what it feels like to almost completely lose control on ice,
- been immensely grateful for having the car i have (a big, sturdy van with 4-wheel-drive),
- enjoy the views very briefly today in the morning.

and topping things off today, day 3 of commuting, i saw an elk.

luckily just on the side of the road, and i was super slow because of 1-4 on the list above. they are amazing creatures, but... i wish they would stay away from the road i'm driving on. i do not wish to contribute to the already high numbers of elk-related road accidents.

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Hello Norway! Enjoyed reading about you...